How do I use my Opalum speaker with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant? 

It is possible use the voice commands from Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant via the Amazon DOT or Google Home Mini (or similar). 

Follow the instruction for the voice assistant device (Alexa or Assistant) to connect to a bluetooth speaker and connect to the Opalum unit. You will now be able to play music from the voice assistant to the Opalum unit via bluetooth. 

Note that some voice assistant devices keep the bluetooth connection open at all times thus keeps the Opalum unit from going to standby. In that case you turn the bluetooth connection on and off with a simple voice command. 


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I am connected and playing music, but there's no sound! (Floorbased kitchen speaker)

In rare situations you will experience this - the way to recover is to reset the floorbased kitchen speaker by following this video.


My devices won’t connect using Bluetooth anymore (Apple devices)

Sometimes Apple will issue an update to iPhones and iPads that causes the Bluetooth reconnect to fail. In these cases the problem can be solved by Simply ‘forget’ the Kitchen Sound Unit in the list of paired devices on your iPhone or iPad, and then simply do a new pairing. If you experience same behavior on Android or Windows devices we suggest to try the same solution.


Bluetooth pairing not working / yellow light flashing

Sometimes it takes a bit of practise to push both '+' and '-' at the same time to have the speaker enter pairing mode - if you end up with the unit flashing yellow, you have entered 'mute' mode instead of 'pairing mode'. Press '+' to get out of mute, move your finger to the center of the button and try again!


Noise when using aux-in / analogue input

Some customers experience noise when using the analogue input - some minijack plugs are not able to reach all the way through the front grill into the electric plug behind the grill, so please check with another cable if your cable is the problem


Bluetooth Connection lost when switching the unit off

The Kitchen Sound Unit has been carefully designed to use less than 0,5 Watt when going into auto-standby. In this mode, the bluetooth connection is kept active, and as soon as the user streams music, the unit will turn on automatically. Therefore, the unit should not be manually turned on and off - if turned off manually, the bluetooth module will also be turned off and the connection thus lost

Have a paired connection but no sound

 Please look at the led indicator. 

If solid green then something has been connected via the analogue (mini jack) plug on the front and the speaker will automatically choose this source for playing. Remove to play via bluetooth again.

If flashing yellow then the speaker is muted. Activate the sound again on the unit.

If solid blue then try to disconnect the bluetooth device from the speaker, remove the speaker from the device bluetooth list (on iphones enter bluetooth, find the opalum unit and choose forget) and then try to do a new pairing with the speaker


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The Control Hub status LED is flashing red

This is due to a short circuit somewhere in the speaker chain.

Look at all your speaker terminals, both on Control Hub and speakers. Make sure that both poles are not touching each other. Also make sure that the metal housing of Flow series speakers or RCA connectors of Control Hub is not touching any speaker cable.

Make sure the speakers are connected according to the user guide.

Remove the power to the hub and re-apply it again.

Try connect only one speaker at a time. If only one of the speakers produces this error then a short circuit may be inside that speaker. Please contact your Opalum dealer.


The Control Hub is on but there is no sound from the speakers

At first, please make sure that the volume setting of the Opalum system is not too low. Also make sure the volume of the source is raised. If you are using wireless streaming, make sure that the volume on your device is also turned up

Try using the analog input with a known good source if you are experiencing this problem when using digital sources.

For digital sources: Surround sound formats such as DTS, Dolby Digital etc. are not supported.

If this problem occurs when using the coaxial digital input, try using an optical input if your source also has an optical output (and vice versa).